Green Pro Materials



Liberty National Golf CoarseGreenPro Materials supplies golf courses with premium USGA approved materials. Using our materials creates exceptional bunkers, quality tees, and greens. We produce quality materials to meet any specifications. With our precise blending equipment we produce custom blends to meet all your golf course construction needs. GreenPro Materials offers a full line of decorative landscape stone, boulders, and natural wall stone. With our expert technical staff GreenPro Materials can guide you from start to finish. Please feel free to contact our offices for samples, test results, quotations and free consultations.

85/15 Rootzone
85% USGA Sand, 15% Spagnum Peat Moss

80/20 Rootzone
80% USGA Sand, 20% Spagnum Peat Moss

70/20/10 Rootzone
70% USGA Sand, 20% Premium Soil, 10% Spagnum Peat Moss

60/20/20 Rootzone
60% USGA Sand, 20% Premium Soil, 20% Spagnum Peat Moss

90/10 Dakota Rootzone
90% USGA Sand, 10% Dakota Peat Moss

140 Bunker Sand
141 White Bunker Sand
144 Topdressing Sand
145 Heat Treated Topdress
Concrete Sand
Mason Sand
2 Mil Sand
Septic Sand
Fill Sand

Divot Mix

Drainage Gravel
¼” Arcadian Granite
3/8” Delaware Blend

Topsoil, Mulch, & Compost
Trurich Soil
Farm Soil
Double Shredded Mulch
Cedar Mulch

Stabilizer, & Cart path Material
Eastern Walking Trail
Western Walkway
Calgary Tan
Grey Mountain Path
Eastern Red Rock Pathway
Rustic Bike Path
Desert Trail
Heritage Trail New